... and I Quote!!(tm) 2.0.8
With ... and I Quote!!(tm) you can maintain a database of your favorite quotes. You have full control over when and how often the current…
mnoGoSearch 3.2.37
MnoGoSearch is a free search engine designed to organize search within a website, number of websites, intranet or local system.
Example:  KaZaA
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51.Keyboard Logger 1.1 (panterasoft.com) free  Keyboard Logger download
Do you want to know what your children, spouse or significant other type on your computer when you are away from it? The Keyboard Logger key logger records every keystroke made on your computer on every window, even on password protected boxes. This key logger is completely undetectable and starts up whenever…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 42 | Author: Aleksey Cherkasskiy | Size: 45 kb | Freeware
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52.Keyboard Manager Deluxe 2.14 (polyphonysoftware.com) free  Keyboard Manager Deluxe download
Keyboard Manager Deluxe provides you with the power to assign shortcuts, text, and objects to over 350 keyboard hotkeys or key combinations for automatic, click-free activation and pasting. You can create shortcut functionality for drives, folders, programs and other file types, the control panel…
Updated: 3, 2006 | Rating: 141 | Author: Stephen Galloway | Size: 780 kb | Shareware
Go to category: System Utilities > Automation Tools
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53.Keyboard Monitor 1.7 (tropsoft.com) free  Keyboard Monitor download
Police the activities that take place on your computer with this handy program. Turn it on and it records all the keys that are pressed until turned off. Use it to ensure that your child's (or spouse's!) chat room and email activities are on the up and up. Recorded information and access to the…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 76 | Author: Silvio Kuczynski | Size: 133 kb | Shareware
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54.Keyboard Music Synthesizer 4.0 (caltrox.com) free  Keyboard Music Synthesizer download
An excellent Keyboard Music Synthesizer to Learn and Play Music. Keyboard Music Synthesizer 4.0 is a fully featured Music Keyboard that is useful for learning and playing Keyboard Music. The software has been designed for ease of use, fast setup and interactivity. Features include realistic Keyboard, two…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 0 | Author: Caltrox Software | Size: 2553 kb | Shareware
Go to category: Audio & Multimedia > Music Composers
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55.Keyboard Sounder 1.32 (aldzsoft.com) free  Keyboard Sounder download
Play 3D sound effect when a keyboard button or mouse key is pressed. Features: support to play animation when the button is pressed. Multi schemes, built-in 6 sound schemes - Typewriter,Typewriter2, Fight, Gun, Abe, Mix. Each scheme consists of 15 keyboard and 3 mouse button's events Supports to toggle…
Updated: 3, 2006 | Rating: 0 | Author: aldz lan | Size: 2213 kb | Shareware
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56.KeyboardLocker 2.3 (crystalsoftware.com.au) free  KeyboardLocker download
Disables the keyboard, leaving the mouse active. An exit phrase must be entered before the keyboard is reactivated. Can be used to secure dedicated servers, or to show a DVD to a small child without them destroying your computer! Once KeyboardLocker is enabled, you can ONLY use the keyboard to type in the…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 42 | Author: Simon Carter | Size: 745 kb | Shareware
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57.KeyboardTest 2.2 (passmark.com) free  KeyboardTest download
KeyboardTest is an easy to use Windows based application that allows users to quickly check that all the keys on their computer keyboard are functioning correctly and look at the internal scan codes being generated by the keyboard. The down and up stroke of each key is registered and highlighted on a…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 37 | Author: David Wren | Size: 696 kb | Shareware
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58.Keychain Collector 4.0 (aidsoft.com) free  Keychain Collector download
This is the pefect program for Keychain Collectors to keep those keychains organized and much more.This program lets you record detailed information about each of your keychains, such as:NAME, DATE AQUIRED, MADE IN, YEAR MADE, MATERIALS, DESCRIPTION, COST, VALUE, SOURCE AQUIRED FROM, and much more. This…
Updated: 3, 2006 | Rating: 0 | Author: Robert W. Benjamin | Size: 862 kb | Shareware
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59.KeyContact Try & Buy 2000 (konsult.it) free  KeyContact Try & Buy download
KeyContact 2000 is a totally open application for Contact Management, Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management. It is an MS-Access application, containing both the database and the application. The Freeware/Demo versions are closed, while the standard one is completely open, thus allowing…
Updated: 3, 2005 | Rating: 0 | Author: Andres KosEst | Size: 1418 kb | Shareware
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60.KeyDB 1.50.03 (keydb.com) free  KeyDB download
KeyDB is a powerful but compact database engine which groups multiple tables into a single database file. The database engine compiles into your executable so there are no associated files to distribute. Works with Borland Delphi and Kylix. KeyDB is a multi-user database engine and has a small footprint…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 0 | Author: Graham Pitson | Size: 4647 kb | Shareware
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Smart Pix Manager 8.05
Software for the management and viewing of all common image, multimedia (AVI, MPEG, MP3, etc), Office, text and web files, allowing you to…
Secure Image Pro OSX 4.0
Copy protect the images on your web site or CD using image encryption and domain lock. Secure Image Pro is recommended image protection for…
Fishing Log PRO 2.1
Fishing Log PRO is a complete fishing database and image collection for fishermen. It covers catches, fishing trips, boats, reels, repairs…

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