PayLink Pro 1.1
Paylink Pro enables users to create secure payment buttons straight from their desktop for a variety of online payment Curren…
SQL Server Comparison Tool 1.2
SQL Server Comparison Tool is a Windows program for analyzing, comparing and documenting SQL Server databases. It's an ideal tool for…
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1.! Internet Eraser 1.0 ( free  !  Internet Eraser download
Internet Eraser protects your privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of your Internet and computer activities. The tool is integrated with IE and it can erase the browser cache, history, cookies, typed URLs, autocomplete list and so on in one click. You can also set the tool to automatically erase those tracks…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 296 | Author: No Spam | Size: 1250 kb | Freeware
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2.#1 Smart Protector - Internet Eraser 4.12 ( free  #1 Smart Protector - Internet Eraser download
Smart Protector - Internet Eraser is designed to protect you and your privacy. It deletes all the tracks of your Internet activity. It completely erases your Internet Explorer history, AutoComplete, recent document list, recycle bin, cookies, temporary files (cache), typed URLs (the drop down address list) . Using Save/Restore State capability you are able to leave the computer in exactly the same state as it was…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 16 | Author: Ivelin Kovatchev | Size: 452 kb | Shareware
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3.5Loaves 1.4 ( free  5Loaves download
An open source, cross platform, secure, internet tunneling platform with file transfer, web server, remote admin, proxy, and load balancing. Enables connections through or around firewalls and across sub-networks. No installer is needed - the entire application is a single .EXE configured through an ASCII…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 148 | Author: Brian Aberle | Size: 2547 kb | Freeware
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4.@KeyLogger Home 2.10 ( free  @KeyLogger Home download
@KeyLogger is the highly flexible, all-round desktop security monitoring solution used by concerned parents, small businesses, and "Fortune 500" companies alike. @KeyLogger is also popular for many special tasks like software usability testing or scientific studies of PC usage. So how do you know what your…
Updated: 8, 2004 | Rating: 48 | Author: Konstantin Romanovsky | Size: 959 kb | Shareware
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5.ABF Password Recovery 1.71 ( free  ABF Password Recovery download
ABF Password Recovery is a program to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords for many well known programs and popular file formats. All passwords are recovered instantly. Passwords for programs can be recovered for current installation of Windows only. There are some useful tools inside the program, such as…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 196 | Author: Dmitry Golovenko | Size: 1384 kb | Shareware
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6.Active Key Logger 3.0 ( free  Active Key Logger download
Active Key Logger this is the best choice for you if you think that others are using your computer when you are not home or away from your working place. After you install Active Key Logger on your computer, it will allow you to make program settings for tracking activities on your computer. If you enable…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 242 | Author: Alex Atushev | Size: 703 kb | Shareware
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7.ActMon Computer and Internet Monitoring 5.04 ( free  ActMon Computer and Internet Monitoring download
ActMon is the all-round state-of-the-art Computer and Internet recording software, useful at both home and organizational levels. It is an effective monitoring utility which can locate your problem area without being located itself. It tracks all the computer activities and applications, including keyboard…
Updated: 8, 2004 | Rating: 215 | Author: Team ActMon | Size: 1602 kb | Shareware
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8.Advanced Security Control 2.1 ( free  Advanced Security Control download
ASC lets administrators set up rules for the local computer, defining when any program can be executed and by whom. You can control access to any 32-bit software, such as games, Internet browsers, or anything else depending on the time of day and day of week. Configuration is as simple as setting up login…
Updated: 8, 2004 | Rating: 0 | Author: Ashot Oganesyan | Size: 1081 kb | Shareware
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9.Agent Password 1.8 ( free  Agent Password download
Agent Password is your trusted password informer. The program is intended for automatic saving of all logins and passwords entered. It can be used not only as password keeping software but as a password spy, too. The manufacturer is not responsible for any inappropriate use of the program. We simply…
Updated: 8, 2004 | Rating: 251 | Author: Pavel Mikhailov | Size: 902 kb | Shareware
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10.Anonymizer Privacy Analyzer 1.0.3 ( free  Anonymizer Privacy Analyzer download
Unlike anything you’ve seen before, the new Anonymizer Privacy Analyzer is your personal private detective. Anonymizer Privacy Analyzer counts and displays all privacy threats like Pop-ups, cookies and scripts in an easy to read, real-time list. You won’t believe your eyes, and you won’t be the same…
Updated: 8, 2004 | Rating: 373 | Author: Anonymizer, Inc. | Size: 761 kb | Freeware
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ASP huge file upload 2.1
Easy to use, hi-performance ASP file upload component with progress bar indicator. Let's you upload multiple files with size up to 2GB to a…
EwebCache 1.95
EwebCache is used with Internet Explorer ver. 4.x - 6.x as an utility for cache browsing. It does following things: 1.Scan cache 2.Fin…
Webroot Spam Shredder 1.9
Halt spam in its tracks! Webroot Spam Shredder filters undesired commercial advertising to save you time and hard drive resources. It…

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