Malignant Self Love Narcissism Revisited 4.00.01
Essays, frequently asked questions and appendices regarding the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and relationships with abusive…
Advanced Newsletters 2.00
Advanced Newsletters is an Advanced Portal product offered to any website hosted with us. Compose mail, relay and track a newsletter to…
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1.HindiTrans 2.0 ( free  HindiTrans download
HindiTrans is English to Hindi Transliterator with Editor. HindiTrans is a User Friendly solution for typing Hindi without worrying which Hindi character is where on the keyboard. Hindi Typing Made Easy Now with HindiTrans Must Have Software for those who are uncomfortable with Hindi Typing Start typing in…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 16677 | Author: Amit Yaduwanshi | Size: 3357 kb | Freeware
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2.DreamKana 1.00 ( free  DreamKana download
DreamKana is a freeware hiragana and katakana flash card application. It is easy to use and flexible to the way you want to learn. It includes voiced constanants in both kana sets, and does not require any special fonts or language packs. DreamKana is a freeware hiragana and katakana flash card application…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 3832 | Author: James Brown | Size: 855 kb | Freeware
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3.Qur'an Viewer (Koran) 2.9 ( free  Qur'an Viewer (Koran) download
Multi-Language Qur'an Software. Full Arabic/English with Qur'anic Commentary, Transliteration, Index and Glossary (500+ words!), and Full search. Supports Plug-in Qur'an Translations. Qur'an verses can be compared in any installed language! Other languages that can be downloaded and installed include…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 3654 | Author: Jamal Al-Nasir | Size: 5237 kb | Freeware
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4.Tai Chi 3D 1.0 ( free  Tai Chi 3D download
Tai Chi 3D is software that helps you learn Tai Chi. It describes each move of the Beijing 24 Step Simplified Taijiquan. The entire form is presented in two ways. Firstly, as a set of helpful notes that you can access just like a web site with the built-in web browser. And secondly as a series of fully three…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 1712 | Size: 1832 kb | Commercial
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5.Audio Spectrum Analyzer - OscilloMeter 5.11 ( free  Audio Spectrum Analyzer - OscilloMeter download
Audio Spectrum Analyzer is a set of Real-Time Multi-Channel Gauges for investigation of data accepted from any ADC you will want or 16-, 24- and 32-bit ADC of sound card. WDM drivers support. FFT Spectrum Analysis, OscilloScope, Frequency counter, AC/DC voltmeter, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Signal-to-Noise and…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 1532 | Author: Oleg Shmelyoff | Size: 489 kb | Shareware
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6.JExpert 1.00 ( free  JExpert download
JExpert is a free test simulation engine based on the latest pattern of Sun's Java Programmer Certification. The simulator contains a large number of questions and mock exams. For every question JExpert offers detailed explanations and pointers to resources for better understanding of the current topic. The…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 1363 | Author: Roger Karlsson | Size: 700 kb | Freeware
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7.ReadWrite Kanji 1.1 ( free  ReadWrite Kanji download
READWRITE KANJI teaches the complete 1945 jouyou Japanese kanji characters. The program is based around a "Learning List" which groups a sub-set of the total 1000 kanji. This allows students to concentrate their efforts on a smaller number of kanji at any one time. A kanji moves off the Learning List…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 1318 | Author: Petar Vujanovic | Size: 2556 kb | Shareware
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8.Free 1Z0-040 Study Test Exam Questions 10.0 ( free  Free 1Z0-040 Study Test Exam Questions download
Pass-Guaranteed is the leader in IT Certifications that will Guarantee you will pass your 1Z0-040 exam on Your First Try. We have provided a free 1Z0-040 free exam where you will be able to see the quality that goes into our 1Z0-040 test questions. Our 1Z0-040 practice test questions are designed by highly…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 1204 | Author: Shengtao Hueng | Size: 342 kb | Demo
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9.PowerWord: Chinese English Dictionary 5.5 ( free  PowerWord: Chinese English Dictionary download
PowerWord is designed for people learning or practicing Chinese at all levels. It is also a handy tool for Chinese to learn English. For beginners, PowerWord guides you word by word through explanations, examples, pronunciations and translations. For professionals, PowerWord provides the most comprehensive…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 1146 | Author: Javvin Tech | Size: 250000 kb | Demo
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10.Magic Graph 1.1 ( free  Magic Graph download
Magic Graph is a powerful and easy-to-use graphing tool for plotting and analysing graphs of mathematical functions. It is fully customizable, supports wide variety of functions and provides you with great analitical capabilities and different calculus features. Magic Grapher is a great graphic calculator for…
Updated: 3, 2005 | Rating: 1099 | Author: Sergey Khenkin | Size: 436 kb | Shareware
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Hangman The Wild West - Demo 1.1 Demo
Hangman The Wild West is a new style of Hangman game in the old western taste. You can see the executioner building the scaffold for you…
MultiRenamer 1.5
Multi Renamer allows renaming multiple files with a couple of mouse clicks. Simply design the new naming pattern and click the button…
EmailObserver 5.2.2
EmailObserver is a unique email monitoring software and surveillance tool created for a wide range of users either for ordinary home users…

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