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Goblins Puzzle 2.0
A Goblins Puzzle is a virtual jigsaw puzzle game. The unique feature of this game is the animation of the puzzle. You can assemble puzzle…
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11.Perl Express 2.5 (perl-express.com) free  <b>Perl</b> Express download
free integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl with multiple tools for writing and debugging your scripts. It features multiple CGI scripts for editing, running, and debugging; multiple input files; full server simulation; queries created from an internal Web browser or query editor; test MySQL, MS Access scripts; interective I/O; directory window; code library; and code…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 0 | Author: Michael Anderson | Size: 3364 kb | Freeware
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12.Aurigma Image Uploader 3.5 (aurigma.com) free  Aurigma Image Uploader download
so files can be handled by any script or platform: ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, PHP, ColdFusion, JSP, etc. Features: * Easy navigation through the folders on your computer. Several view modes: thumbnails (for JPEG, TIFF, etc), details, list, and icons; * Supports non-images too. * Memory friendly even for huge number of uploaded files; * Auto-recovery upon connection failure; *…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 1677 | Author: Fedor Skvortsov | Size: 2593 kb | Shareware
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13.Boxer Text Editor 11.0.1 (boxersoftware.com) free  Boxer Text Editor download
recording, 2 GB file size limit, syntax highlighting and printing, Perl-compatible regular expressions, project support, FTP, HTML support, column blocking, undo/redo, spell checker, regular expression search/replace and much more! Extensive configuration options are available, including the ability to define key assignments, configure the toolbar, set screen colors/fonts, create…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 16 | Author: David Hamel | Size: 3225 kb | Shareware
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14.Code Chameleon 2.0 (c-point.com) free  Code Chameleon download
ColdFusion templates, Fortran, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, Perl script, PHP, SQL, TCL, and VB Script. Get help as you type with Intellisense and Auto-complete eliminates the need to memorize standard functions, methods, properties and parameter lists. Have a head start with project and code templates: insert any reusable piece of text into your document with the minimal…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 39 | Author: Alex Davidovic | Size: 1958 kb | Shareware
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15.code to flow chart generator 3.5 (reliableunion.com) free  code to flow chart generator download
PHP, Visual FoxPro, PL/SQL, T-SQL(Transact-sql) and Perl. Code to Flow chart generator is an automatic flowchart generator software , It can reverse engineering a program , create programming flowchart from code, mostly used on flowcharting a program and documenting source code…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 1928 | Author: fatesoft fatesoft | Size: 1206 kb | Commercial
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16.CodeCharge Studio 3.0 (codecharge.com) free  CodeCharge Studio download
in PHP, C#, VB.NET, ASP/VBScript, ColdFusion, JSP, Java Servlets and Perl. Completing an application code within short amount of time and minimal coding, developers can focus on building sophisticated Internet systems without the hassles involving manual coding. Through visual application builders…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 16 | Author: Konrad Musial | Size: 31812 kb | Shareware
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17.ConTEXT 0.98.3 (fixedsys.com) free  ConTEXT download
Delphi/Pascal, 80x86 assembler, Java, Java Script, Visual Basic, Perl/CGI, HTML, SQL, Python, PHP, Tcl/Tk, user defineable syntax highlighter, project workspaces, compiler integration, multilanguage support and many more features. Small, fast and powerful text editor for software…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 931 | Author: Eden Kirin | Size: 1553 kb | Freeware
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18.CVSChangeLogBuilder 2.2 (cvschangelogb.sourceforge.net) free  CVSChangeLogBuilder download
is an Perl utility to generate ChangeLogs for a project hosted on a CVS server. The main goal is to provide a better output that the 'cvs log' command, to permit to choose the sorting criteria, to add the status of the change (added,removed,modified) and to allow "differential" changelogs, between 2 versions, even when they are not in the main branch. The output are…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 16 | Author: Laurent Destailleur | Size: 125 kb | Freeware
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19.DailyEdit 2.3 (anvasoft.com) free  DailyEdit download
code for popular programming languages, such as HTML, PHP, CSS, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Pascal, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, VBScript, Assembler, Clipper, Informix, Fortran, Paradox, Python, Tk/tcl, Winbatch, Lisp, PL/I, Ada, Dibol, VRML and Cobol. You can modify the reserved words and syntax, allowing…
Updated: 3, 2005 | Rating: 86 | Author: Vadim Smokvin | Size: 1561 kb | Shareware
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20.DISLIN for Absoft Pro Fortran 9.0 (linmpi.mpg.de) free  DISLIN for Absoft Pro Fortran download
available for the programming languages C, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, Perl, Python and Java. DISLIN can display graphic information directly on graphic terminals or store them in metafiles. The supported display types are VGA, X Windows, Windows API and Tektronix. The supported file formats are…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 48 | Author: Helmut Michels | Size: 5115 kb | Shareware
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Home > Perl software

1st Dialer 1.3
Cool free dialer for Windows 98/NT/XP/2000 jam packed with features - automatic re-dialing, "Keep alive" function, hotkeys to quickly…
RecOnPhone 2.50.25
Full-featured phone recording software. Records through a modem or through a Caller Id, DTMF decoding, Automatic emailing, Stealt…
RenameWiz 3.4.2
RenameWiz is an easy to use file and folder mass renaming utility for Windows. visit http://www.renamewiz.com for a full list of features

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