Memorizer eXP 5.5
Memorizer eXP records all data copied to clipboard for later retrieval. Memorizer works with all types of clipboard data including text…
DCM 4.0 Professional Edition 4.0
DCM 4.0 PE is an application software for the operation and management of any professional services firms. It is specifically designed and…
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61.Advanced Mass Sender 4.3 ( free  Advanced Mass Sender download
email syntax, makes it possible to upload html documents. Support proxy servers. This mass email software employs multiple threads to send bulk emails for your customer relationship management. Support text, HTML, attachments, and subject rotation. Includes a free…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 4534 | Author: Maxim Terentiev | Size: 3821 kb | Demo
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62.Advanced TCP Logger 3.90 ( free  Advanced TCP Logger download
program is a simple proxy server(port-mapper). It is an ideal tool for monitoring any network software or for researching network protocols. Log files with all traffic that has passed through this program are organized in a nice manner and can be saved in a separate folder. What is the purpose of this program? When can this program be used? When can you needed it? + If you want a…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 164 | Author: Mikhail Kalinskiy | Size: 68 kb | Shareware
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63.advHTTP V.1 ( free  advHTTP download
user agent name, set referrer, set protocol version as HTTP/1.0, set proxy server settings. This control provides easy, high-level access to the complete HTTP client protocol. Retrieving pages, submitting forms along with multiple form variables and multiple files, etc, are well supported. Your web-based applications will download faster. It provides following operations. Get for…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 0 | Author: Nauman Hashmi | Size: 2010 kb | Shareware
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64.ALCUSE Content Management System (CMS) 2004-06-10 ( free  ALCUSE Content Management System (CMS) download
Server) with built-in Search-engine, E-Mail-Client, Offline Browser (Proxy Server), Download Manager and Upload Manager Content Management System (CMS/Database Server) with built-in Search-engine, E-Mail-Client, Offline Browser (Proxy Server), Download Manager and Upload…
Updated: 3, 2005 | Rating: 0 | Size: 103682 kb | Shareware
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65.AllegroSurf ( free  AllegroSurf download
The Internet has made kids' homework more exciting and each day one of new opportunity for small and large businesses. AllegroSurf takes your Internet connection and shares these possibilities with the other computers on your network. But it gives you the power to filter out unwanted content and the other…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 213 | Author: Mark Peterson | Size: 2108 kb | Shareware
Go to category: Servers > Firewall & Proxy Servers
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66.AmiPic ShareMaster 6.16 ( free  AmiPic ShareMaster download
sharing, can connect to Internet through totally anonymous SOCKS proxy servers. Send, share and download confidential data securely by storing it in images and other files. It lets you find even hidden web sites! Automated and fully customizable Internet search, Web and Usenet mass downloader with image viewer and useful…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 113 | Author: Alexandre Tolmatchev | Size: 1441 kb | Shareware
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67.Anonymity 4 Proxy - A4Proxy 2.80 ( free  Anonymity 4 <b>Proxy</b> - A4Proxy download
winning personal anonymous proxy server and web anonymizer for surfing the Internet with privacy. Provides excellent tools to locate, test and logon to public anonymous proxy servers. Large pre-checked anonymous public proxy server list included, easy import of your own lists. Supports FTP and Secure HTTP (HTTPS, SSL) checking/surfing. You can scan each server, test…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 553 | Author: iNetPrivacy Software | Size: 1027 kb | Shareware
Go to category: Servers > Firewall & Proxy Servers
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68.Another IE Popup Killer 2.00 ( free  Another IE Popup Killer download
windows that do not have a menu bar, it does not work in "hook" or "proxy" or "hostfile" mode, but in "window-level", so it's very stable and never slow down IE, so over 70000 users in the world love it! Another IE Popup Killer is the world's smallest popup remover, it blocks IE windows that do not…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 62 | Author: Dart Zheng | Size: 16 kb | Demo
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69.AntiFirewall Anonymizer 1.10 ( free  AntiFirewall Anonymizer download
Connect to Newsgroups, FTP, IRC, ICQ and Email (POP/IMAP) even if you are behind a firewall blocking access to these programs/protocols. AntiFirewall will penetrate the firewall and connect to the Internet address of your choice, making it possible for you to read and post to News and use FTP, IRC, ICQ from…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 2069 | Author: Jerry Byrd | Size: 399 kb | Shareware
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70.AskLog 1.4 ( free  AskLog download
Main Features: incremental log-file download; work through proxy; visitor country resolving (by IP); visitor host name resolving; internal WHOIS client; storing processed information in local database (long history statistics); personal remarks support; extended filters; AskLog visualize preprocessed data stored in its local database. One has option to put data in from…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 52 | Author: Askold Osadchuk | Size: 1701 kb | Shareware
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Home > Proxy software

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