AM Lightning Messenger 2.0
A&M Instant Messenger is a powerful instant messaging system that supports Instant Popup Messages, Chat, System Information, Remote Control…
Hangman The Wild West II: Billy's Adventure - Demo 4.0
Hangman The Wild West II is a new twist of the popular Hangman game. This game has some cool features not available in standard hangman…
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1.Nate's Kentucky Rook 2.0.9 ( free  Nate's Kentucky Rook download
If you enjoy playing the popular card game Rook, then you'll love this variation known as Kentucky Rook. Nate's Kentucky Rook allows you to pit your wits against two skillful computer opponents in this exciting bidding card game! If you enjoy playing the popular card game Rook, then you'll love this variation…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 4502 | Author: Nathan Brown | Size: 2119 kb | Shareware
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2.Network and Dial-up Password Revealer 1.2 ( free  Network and Dial-up Password Revealer download
Network and Dial-up Password Revealer is a dependable password recovery solution for network and dial-up connections. Most networks use authentication and authorization to allow or deny access to the Internet, network or other computers. This means there are tens, hundreds or even thousands of logins and…
Updated: 3, 2005 | Rating: 4330 | Author: Felix Kosolapov | Size: 594 kb | Shareware
Go to category: Security & Privacy > Password Managers
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3.Network Protocol Poster 2004 ( free  Network Protocol Poster download
All network protocols, All operating systems, All on one chart! A "must have" for all networking professionals! A comprehensive guide and reference for IT and network professionals; An easy to use training tool for IT students to get an overall picture of data and telecommunications; A unique marketing tool…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 3688 | Author: Jenny Peith | Size: 500 kb | Data Only
Go to category: Network & Internet > Other
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4.Note-it Post-it Notes 1.00 ( free  Note-it Post-it Notes download
Note-it Post-it Notes provide you with a quick and easy way to organize your ideas, just like the paper Postit Notes floating on your desktop. In other words it is the perfect replacement of the classic yellow sticky note on your desktop. With sticky notes reminders on your PC desktop you will never forget…
Updated: 8, 2004 | Rating: 2966 | Author: Roger Karlsson | Size: 200 kb | Freeware
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5.Net Chess (Source code) 1.0 ( free  Net Chess (Source code) download
The Net Chess V1.0 supports multi-player to play chess on the Internet. It includes a server application programmed in Java and a chess board Applet. You can use the software to provide online chess game on your web site. The source code is available for you to be able to modify in order to meet your needs…
Updated: 3, 2005 | Rating: 2475 | Author: J Weng | Size: 105 kb | Shareware
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6.NameGenerator 0.97 ( free  NameGenerator download
Create random names for your RPG (available in English or German). Name database can be edited to fit your needs and rules follow certain semantic rules. You can create different rules for cultures and types within these cultures (male, female, city). The names you created can be copied into other programs…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 2102 | Author: Maximilian Kalus | Size: 177 kb | Freeware
Go to category: Home & Hobby > Other
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7.Nine Men's Morris 1.1.3 ( free  Nine Men's Morris download
Play a challenging three-in-a-row strategy game! Nine Men's Morris is an exciting capture and defend strategy game that is endlessly entertaining. If you like chess or checkers, you will love this award winning classic. Place your pieces to make mills-three pieces in a row, horizontally or…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 1231 | Author: Todd Sherman | Size: 86 kb | Shareware
Go to category: Games & Entertainment > Strategy & War Games
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8.N-Tier Data Access ( free  N-Tier Data Access download
N-Tier Data Access is a VB6 ActiveX dll for data base access over TCP/IP to any supported OLEDB data provider. The dll returns ADO record sets or variant arrays to the requesting clients. N-Tier Data Access allows for creation of an N-Tier client server data access environment. All it takes is setting a few…
Updated: 3, 2005 | Rating: 1112 | Author: Gary Estridge | Size: 984 kb | Shareware
Go to category: Development > Components & Libraries
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9.n-Surf 1.05 ( free  n-Surf download
n-Surf is a new generation of software for analyzing and processing of images of surfaces obtained by Scanning Probe or Atomic Force Microscopes (SPM/AFMs). This application was developed for high-quality visualization and easy processing of all types of images. To date, support for Veeco/DI (NanoScope III…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 965 | Author: Nickolay Brailko | Size: 2257 kb | Shareware
Go to category: Education > Other
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10.News File Grabber ( free  News File Grabber download
News File Grabber is a specialized newsreader which lets you easily download and extract all kinds of attachments and binary files (like photos, movies, pictures, mp3-files and other stuff) from the newsgroups on the USENET. There are many decoding schemes supported, including MIME, UUE, base64 and yENC…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 920 | Author: Ralph Brooks | Size: 1510 kb | Shareware
Go to category: Communications > Newsgroup Clients
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ChemAP 2000 1.0
ChemAP 2000 is a Periodic Table features 112 elements. It has more than 30 data items on each element. The program includes utils to…
ShellBrowser Components for Delphi Win32 5.1
The ShellBrowser components give a Delphi programmer easy access to the Win32 shell functionality. The components look and behave exactly…
DeployMaster 2.7.0
The no-nonsense installation builder that will deliver your software with a good first impression, being a smooth installation that will…

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