BeyondGrief - Free Self-Counseling Software for Inner Peace 2.10.04
Free self-counseling software for inner peace. Use Inner Peace for inner peace. Let go of issues that interfere with inner peace. Create…
IDAutomation MICR Font Advantage 4.9
Our MICR E13B fonts allow printing of MICR from systems, including Windows, DOS, Macintosh and UNIX, supporting TrueType, PostScript or PCL…
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1.FASOFT Compressor 1.1 ( free  FASOFT Compressor download
FASoft Compressor is a Compressor/Expander/Noise gate DirectX plug-in that works on mono and stereo audio data from within audio applications that support the DirectX plug-in architecture. Using this plug-in you can "shape" the sound of wave files attenuating loud parts while boosting quieter ones, that works on mono and stereo audio data from within audio applications that support the DirectX plug-in architecture…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 158 | Author: Flavio Antonioli | Size: 1002 kb | Shareware
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2.Better Text To Wave 6.9 ( free  Better Text To Wave download
Better Text to Wave/Mp3 converts your text into different audio formats (such as mp3) so you can listen instead of read. Have the PC read your emails to you while you work on your project report, get the feel of the latest proposal you have written by having it spoken out loud (lest you happen to sound boring…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 0 | Author: Tim Toney | Size: 22064 kb | Shareware
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3.Aurigma Image Uploader 3.5 ( free  Aurigma Image Uploader download
with Windows XP SP2. Code samples for ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, Cold Fusion, and JSP (Resin and Tomcat) are available. Can be licensed either for single site (one domain) or all sites on one server. Image Uploader is an ActiveX control for uploading images and other types of files. Being…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 1677 | Author: Fedor Skvortsov | Size: 2593 kb | Shareware
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4.CRC32 COM Component 1.04 ( free  CRC32 COM Component download
COM Component is for ASP, .NET, Cold Fusion, VB, VC++ and other languages. The com component will quickly generate a CRC32 checksum from files or a text string in hex or numeric as the official polynomial used by CRC-32 in PKZip, WinZip and Ethernet. CRC32 COM Component is for ASP, .NET, Cold Fusion, VB, VC++ and other languages. The com component will…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 16 | Author: support | Size: 1048 kb | Shareware
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5.The vOICe MIDlet for Mobile Camera Phone 1.14.0 ( free  The vOICe MIDlet for Mobile Camera Phone download
The vOICe seeing-with-sound MIDlet translates live views from a camera phone into sounds that you hear via the phone's speaker or headset, thus targetting sensory substitution applications for the totally blind, and even synthetic vision. The vOICe uses pitch for height and loudness for brightness in a left…
Updated: 3, 2006 | Rating: 0 | Author: Peter Meijer | Size: 154 kb | Freeware
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6.Fishing Expert 4.0a ( free  Fishing Expert download
Weed conditions: surface, submerged. Water Temperature: cold (below 55 degrees), medium (56-70 degrees), warm (71 degrees and up). Water Bottom: sand, rock, mud. Pressure System: high, low coming in. FISHING EXPERT V4.0 contains fishing techniques as well as fishing logs. You select conditions you fish under and program gives 400 proven methods for catching bass…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 0 | Author: Chester Ceille | Size: 1076 kb | Shareware
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7.Voices in the Abyss 1.00 ( free  Voices in the Abyss download
to find out the fate of the baby Mrs. Cooper put into a boat that cold night. Under suspicion by his team leader, David finds himself in a race to return to the wreck and learn the true story of the third-class passengers on the night of the sinking. As time grows short, David learns the sad truth and a shocking revelation that affects him and his life. In a gripping conclusion, he…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 16 | Author: Mark Carlson | Size: 5639 kb | Demo
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8.Advanced Forums 2.00 ( free  Advanced Forums download
It is a complete forums application and is capable of running any kind of web based forums. It allows users to communicate and share information, get support, disucss issues online and all other such tasks. The user section is fully customizable using XSLs. Application also includes a searchable FAQ section…
Updated: 3, 2005 | Rating: 0 | Author: Syed Nauman Hashmi | Size: 1000 kb | Shareware
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9.Advanced Portal Software 1.0 ( free  Advanced Portal Software download
By hosting your site at Advanced Portal you can Get all the common E-business applications right out of the box fully configured and running right after you signup so you can concentrate on doing business rather than developing and deploying the required web applications. We use as the…
Updated: 3, 2005 | Rating: 0 | Author: Syed Nauman Hashmi | Size: 1000 kb | Shareware
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10.STS ColdFusion Admin Assistant 1.2 ( free  STS ColdFusion Admin Assistant download
This web application gives you extended control over your ColdFusion based web site with features that go beyond those available in the ColdFusion Administrator. Some of the features available include being able to flush file based (MS Access) DSNs, retrieving the CF Admin and RDS passwords, viewing Server Performance variables, and running dynamic queries.
Updated: 3, 2005 | Rating: 0 | Commercial
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Home > Cold fusion software

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