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SHA1files 1_6

SHA1files is a 32 bits console application that computes the SHA1 digest of files under Windows.

Updated 3, 2005 22: 0:8:
Rating 76 ( -10 -13.15% )
Size36 kb
StatusMinor Update
OSWindows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP
KeywordsSHA1 site_integrity security defacing
AuthorChristophe DAVID
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SHA1files is a 32 bits console application that computes the SHA1 digest of
files under Windows.

The main applications are
    - the detection of any change in files (typically a web server directory
to make sure no file has been altered - integrity check)
    - the detection of duplicate files on disk (based on their actual content,
not their name or location)

SHA1files {/root= [/duplicates] [/ExcludeList=] | [/verify=]}
/root= the directory where to begin
/ExcludeList= exclude the files matching the lines contained
in this text file (wildcards allowed)
/verify= compare the files currently on disk against
this text file containing the captured output
of a previous run of SHA1files

/duplicates show the duplicate files only

All parameters ARE case sensitive.
The lines in the ExcludeList must match the FULL path ("*/SHA1files.htm").

The distribution file contains batch files with examples how
to use the program.

SHA1files /root=c:\test
SHA1files /root=c:\test /duplicates
SHA1files /root=c:\test /ExcludeList=SHA1ExcludeList.txt
SHA1files /root=c:\test > test.txt
SHA1files /verify=test.txt

SHA1files returns an errorlevel 0 if everything went OK, and a positive value
otherwise, in order to allow specific actions in batch files depending on the

SHA1files is freeware.
SHA1files 1_6 Download from

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Home > Software > Security & Privacy > Encryption Tools > SHA1files 1_6

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