OnlineTimer Pro 12.00
Contacts Clinic for Microsoft Outlook 2.3
Update MS Outlook Contacts Automatically without manual typing,and in 3 steps.This Outlook plugin can Extract emails from Internet…
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41.BPS Windows Trace Remover 5.0 ( free  BPS Windows Trace Remover download
Windows Trace Remover cleans cache, manages cookies, clear history, recent files lists, mru list, delete index.dat, empty recycle bin, clear autocomplete data temporary logs and files and all other Internet tracks. Includes a Popup Killer - Blocks & stops browser pop up windows. Enhanced features as…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 77 | Author: Naglaa Elbanhawy | Size: 5479 kb | Shareware
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42.BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite 1.15 ( free  BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite download
Do you want to know what your buddy or colleague is typing? May be you want to control your family members - what are they doing on your computer? Some applications of the keylogger: - Monitor children’s activity for parents - Monitor what programs opened and when - Recall what you wrote some time ago…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 75 | Author: BlazingTools Software | Size: 172 kb | Freeware
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43.IE Privacy Keeper 2.7 ( free  IE Privacy Keeper download
Simple, fast and efficient browsing history cleaner for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Automatically cleans up all traces of your Internet and system activity when you close the browser or shutdown the computer. IE Privacy Keeper can correctly clean up the index.dat files without the need for a…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 71 | Author: Eugene Plokhov | Size: 1025 kb | Freeware
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44.Spy Lantern Keylogger 5.1 ( free  Spy Lantern Keylogger download
Spy Lantern Keylogger is a spy software intended for monitoring all aspects of user activity. It allows you to see what exactly they are doing on your PC. You can see every keystroke they've typed in every application. This means that you can get every reply they've done in online chat, every e-mail they've…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 70 | Author: Eric Nilsson | Size: 1370 kb | Shareware
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45.SecurDataStor 5.01 ( free  SecurDataStor download
EncryptX SecurDataStor Platinum is a strong file encryption program for Windows. Encrypt files, folders, local and networked hard drives, CD, DVD and email attachments using a simple, intuitive interface. Hide encrypted folders and share sensitive data with recipients who can view decrypted files without…
Updated: 8, 2004 | Rating: 65 | Author: David Duncan | Size: 2673 kb | Shareware
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46.System Mechanic Professional 6.0s ( free  System Mechanic Professional download
System Mechanic Professional is one award-winning product for all PC security and optimization needs. Use the new PC Repair Wizard to automatically diagnose and fix hundreds of problems with hard drives, system components, installed software, hardware, and more. Instantly Lock Down your System with PC…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 64 | Author: iolo technologies | Size: 33888 kb | Shareware
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47.Spy Guardian Pro 2.13d ( free  Spy Guardian Pro download
Scan and remove any spyware programs on your PC, and help protect yourself from password stealing and identify theft. This also includes a free system evaluation from a programmer to help examine and cleanup your system (you simply email in your generated data log). This anti-spyware program will detect…
Updated: 2, 2006 | Rating: 59 | Author: SoftDD Software | Size: 612 kb | Shareware
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48.UltraHide 4.0 ( free  UltraHide download
UltraHide is the software which can immediately hide window (s) without closing them; and can instantly display them at the proper time. It can hide any application program or window (for example, the browser window). UltraHide is designed to make it possible to safeguard your personal privacy when your…
Updated: 8, 2004 | Rating: 53 | Author: zhao chen | Size: 1917 kb | Shareware
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49.@KeyLogger Home 2.10 ( free  @KeyLogger Home download
@KeyLogger is the highly flexible, all-round desktop security monitoring solution used by concerned parents, small businesses, and "Fortune 500" companies alike. @KeyLogger is also popular for many special tasks like software usability testing or scientific studies of PC usage. So how do you know what your…
Updated: 8, 2004 | Rating: 48 | Author: Konstantin Romanovsky | Size: 959 kb | Shareware
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50.Cookie Pal 1.7c ( free  Cookie Pal download
Cookie Pal is a complete, easy to use, Internet cookie manager that helps protect your privacy on the Internet. "Cookies" are small pieces of data stored on your system by the web sites that you visit. Cookie Pal remembers your preferences and blocks cookies from all web sites or just those that you tell it…
Updated: 9, 2005 | Rating: 42 | Author: Development Team | Size: 445 kb | Shareware
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Digital Indicators Generator 1.7
The program Digital Indicators Generator is a program implementing synthesis algorithm of digital FIR-filte
Travel Dictionary German PalmOS 2.0
Travel Dictionary German in combination with English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Dutch. The most comprehensive…
Rewards Multiply 2.02
An entertaining game that helps children learn their multiplication tables. The software motivates progress with prizes, teaches shortcuts…

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